Community Support Program

A new initiative at Newcastle Racecourse is the establishment of a Community Support Program. The program aims to provide a more formal and structured means for providing support to greater Newcastle charities and other community groups.

Newcastle Jockey Club will call for applications from groups within the Greater Newcastle area who would like to benefit from a grant to support a project up to $2000. Opportunities for these grants will occur every 3 months (each Quarter) with a selection committee to determine the most worthy recipients in each application period.

Note: This program is in addition to our already established Charity Race Day Program that facilitates more than $500,000 in fundraising each year to local charities.

Applications will only be considered if:

  1. The group is within the Greater Newcastle Area
  2. The group is a charity, sporting or community group
  3. Sporting or community group applications that includes participation and provides benefits to children will be highly regarded.

Successful applicants from the previous year will not be considered the year after.   

Application Round
Application Open Date
Application Close Date
Successful Groups Advised By
1 Monday 22 January Friday 29 March Tuesday 2 April
2 Monday 1 April Friday 28 June Tuesday 2 July
3 Monday 1 July Friday 27 September Wednesday 2 October
4 Tuesday 1 October Friday 13 December Tuesday 17th December

Examples of funding projects:

  • New sporting equipment or uniforms for junior sporting or school teams
  • Music equipment for schools or other cultural groups
  • Upgraded equipment for canteens
  • Upgraded lighting or solar systems to reduce running costs
  • Products to raffle or auction to stimulate greater fundraising
  • Safety equipment (eg defibrillators)
  • Services or product support for underprivileged
  • Mental health services support
  • Projects that support animal welfare initiatives